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Transition to Adulthood


Año: 2010

Autor: Berlin, Gordon L. (introducción)

Otros autores: Furstenberg, Frank F. (introducción) ; Waters, Mary C. (introducción)

Título revista: The future of children

Año; mes; volumen; (nº): págs de la revista: 2010; 20; (1)

Idioma: Inglés

Fuente: The future of children

Formato: Web

Temáticas: General

Otras temáticas: Transición a la edad adulta

Descriptores: mercado laboral, servicio militar, inmigración, familia



  • What's Going on with Young People Today? The Long and Twisting Path to Adulthood / Richard A. Settersten, Jr. and Barbara Ray
  • Immigration and Adult Transitions / Ruben G. Rumbaut and Golnaz Komaie
  • On a New Schedule: Transitions to Adulthood and Family Change / Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr.
  • Programs and Policies to Assist High School Dropouts in the Transition to Adulthood / Dan Bloom
  • Young Adults and Higher Education: Barriers and Breakthroughs to Success  / Thomas Brock
  • Labor Market Outcomes and the Transition to Adulthood / Sheldon Danziger and David Ratner
  • Civic Engagement and the Transition to Adulthood / Constance Flanagan and Peter Levine
  • The Military and the Transition to Adulthood / Ryan Kelty, Meredith Kleykamp and David R. Segal
  • Vulnerable Populations and the Transition to Adulthood / D. Wayne Osgood, E. Michael Foster and Mark E. Courtney

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